Stefan Banach, an original member of Lwow School of Mathematics.

one of the most important 20th-century mathematicians.Here are the facts about Banach.

Banach was a founding member of the Lwow School of Mathematics, and he is also responsible for modern functional analysis.

Stefan Banach was born Krakow, Poland. He was always keen to solve puzzles with Witold Wilkosz.

He went on to become a well-known mathematician.

Banach's poor vision meant that he was not able to serve in the military. He was instead taught in local schools during World War I.

Hugo Steinhaus was one of the most prominent mathematicians at the time.

The pair started working together, and in April 1919 they officially founded a society that would become the Polish Mathematical Society.

Banach algebra and Banach-Steinhaus Theorem.

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