With the exception of one, barely discernible blink, this would have been a perfect 10 score for this year's US the track and field squad.

The Americans did not fail to collect nine medals at home on Sunday in the world championships.

It was the most memorable single day of medals for any nation at the world championships.

Devon Allen's mistake in the start stopped the US from winning during the 110m final. could have been the 10th gold medal for the competition.

He'll now bring his skills to the NFL in the hopes of trying to be on the roster of the Philadelphia Eagles.

It wasn't his way to finish his worlds.

Allen's disappointment did not ruin an event in which his recording of Star-Spangled Banner got worn out.

It started with the hammer throwing, during which Brooke Andersen took gold and Janee Kassanavoid took bronze.

This was a warm-up act for the final night session which saw seven medals accumulate over a period of just 10 minutes.

"It's track and field anything can happen," Holloway stated. "My Hat goes to Devon.

Allen claimed that the situation will make him "hungry" for success on the football field as well as the track.

Allen was a standout track athlete and athlete at football, played for Oregon's University of Oregon.