The "Confident”   demi lovato pronouns singer came out last year as non-binary and stated a preference to gender-neutral they/them terms.

She is now more feminine because she is "such an fluid person".

Lovato, who lists both they/them and she/her in her Instagram bio, spoke on the "Spout" podcast.

said: "Yeah, so, they/them is. I have actually adopted the pronouns she/her once more.

"I feel like I'm such an fluid person. I felt like my masculine energy was balanced with my feminine energy, especially last year.

So when I had to choose between walking into a toilet or going home, it said "women" and "men".

"That's all they/them are about for me. It's about feeling human inside.

"Recently I felt more feminine and so I adopted she/her again."

Star at 29 years old, the star admitted that it was easy to misunderstand pronouns.

It is okay as long as they "respect" you.