Louis Tomlinson made a shocking comment on One Direction’s debut album

Louis Tomlinson left One Direction fans shocked as he bashed the group's debut album Up All Night which sold 4.5million copies worldwide.

During the singer’s recent appearance on Smallzy’s Surgery podcast,

 the former member of the world’s biggest boy band didn’t speak favorably about the set, launched in 2011.

“Twelve years ago today the band got formed, but the first album was (expletive) anyway,” the Back To You singer said.

The singer was the oldest member of the group which was formed by the judges on TV’s The X Factor on 2010.

He also weighed in on the pressure as a solo artist after the group disbanded.

“There’s still pressure obviously for me to deliver a good record.

and me trying to find my feet coming out of a band as big as One Direction,” he said.

Meanwhile, in 2016, Zayn Malik dubbed the band’s music “generic as  before adding, “It wasn’t me.”