The rising inflation of this month has shaken the economy of the last 40 years.

This includes the prices of food, gas and rent

Consumers' prices of Labor Department have increased by 9.1% since last 1 year

This spokespeople's prices have increased by 1% in May last month after the price jump in 2005.

 The Federal Reserve has come up with new plans to reduce this growing edge method.

       Food prices up from 1% to 12% which is very high since last 12 months

 The same grain prices have increased by 2.5% which is more than 14.2% from last year

Due to rising prices the demand of the people has decreased and at the same time this is the reason for the increase of some prices.

Due to the ongoing pandemic of last year people have moved to their own apartments which has increased the rent by 0.8% to 8.5%

Pantheon has said seeing the rising prices that this will be the last big inflation.