Country music Luke Combs performs a free concert for fans in Bangor

Luke Combs, a country music artist, gives a free concert for his fans in Bangor. Find out why!

American singer-songwriter Luke Combs, who specialises in country music, is regarded as a legend of the genre.

Luke Combs recently performed at the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor for free for his young country music fans.

On Saturday in Bangor, Luke Combs held his scheduled meet-and-greet with fans.

Luke Combs announced that all concertgoers would receive a full refund for their tickets!

His voice was destroyed after a fantastic performance on Friday night.

He continued to do meet-and-greets on Saturdays, but his voice was noticeably hoarse.

He tried to relax his voice after talking to fans for a while. Sadly, it wasn't much of a help.

Luke Combs declared that everyone who attended the concert would receive a full refund of their ticket price as a result.

This is the kind of circumstance that makes country music fans so devoted.