Famous people are found to be abandoning Johnny Depp

Hollywood stars are leaving Johnny Depp after secreting backing Johnny Depp following his victory in court against his ex-wife.

Newsweek revealed that people liked Johnny Depp's Instagram posts were a result of his victory in court over Amber Heard.

Stars such as Elle Fanning, Bella Hadid as well as Orlando Bloom, appear to disappear from the actor's page.

Depp who received an overwhelming amount of social media support during the trial posted an update on Instagram,

In which he stated that in which he said that the "jury changed my life" and gave me the chance to live my dream again.

"The Instagram post attracted more than 19 million people to like it.

with many celebrities, a host of celebrities expressed their gratitude through social media.

Newsweek declared, "Following the verdict, the list of celebrities who had liked the piece was compiled through Reddit users.

The list is now used to evaluate which likes remain at the top of the page."