Oak Cliff was once part a brief-lived French colony that still has an influence in Dallas.

Today is Bastille Day. It celebrates the 1789 invasion of a military fortress as part of an uprising that fueled the French Revolution.

A prominent French democratic socialist decided in the 1850s to establish a utopian-style colony within central Dallas County. This colony included present-day Oak Cliff.

As a direct democracy, the colony was expected to be shared by its residents based on their labor and money.

The French, Swiss, and Belgian Settlers were included.

In 1857, the colony was officially disbanded due to financial problems, unfavorable weather and inability of colonists to properly farm it.

The colony inspired the name of our beloved Reunion Tower.

Bastille on Bishop today at 5-10pm.

This is one of few Dallas events where open container laws don't normally apply.

Texas Monthly once said that Oak Cliff's vibe was like a little French village.