Rumors circulated that the embattled actor Armie Hammer may be employed at an island resort within the Cayman Islands.

The rumors aren't completely quelled because of photos that seem to depict Hammer

In an effort to gain more clarity EW tried to contact Hammer's lawyer, Andrew Brettler,

on Wednesday to inquire if the Death on the Nile and Call Me by Your Name star actually sells timeshares across the Caribbean.

I'm not able to affirm or deny this because Armie hasn't responded," Brettler said in an email.

and claimed that the whole incident was just a joke.

Hammer was a victim of the media in the last year following her involvement in a scandal on social media and was charged with sexual harassment.

One of the last times Hammer was shown as a character was Death on the Nile, which was filmed in the year 2019 and then released in February.