Actress expected to survive after she crashes into an apartment garage and then into a nearby house in Los Angeles.

Actress anne heche is expected survive the fiery car accident that took place in Mar Vista, Los Angeles on Friday.

Shortly after, she crashed into another home and lit a large fire.

The fire consumed the house and firefighters were dispatched to the 1800 block on South Walgrove Avenue.

Heche was apparently burned in the fire. As she was being taken off on a stretcher, her clothes looked charred.

According to reports, doctors are unable to perform any tests on her to determine if she was impaired by alcohol.

ann heche car was totally charred from the fiery crash, and her burnt back was clearly visible as she sat on the stretcher.

KTLA reports Heche sustained "serious burns."

"There were no other injuries reported and the cause of the accident is being investigated.

Ann heche representatives could not be reached immediately.