"Anna Kendrick" abuse 'Alice, Darling'

Although it was challenging, Anna Kendrick found it familiar to relate to her character in "Alice, Darling."

The lead in Mary Nye's maiden film as a director is played by Anna Kendrick.

Thriller tells the tale of a young woman who unknowingly takes part in an intervention conducted by two of her closest friends while locked in an abusive relationship.

"I was emerging from my own experience of emotional and emotional abuse

"I believe the person in charge sent it to me because he was aware of the situation I was in and thought it would be helpful.

The basic issue in the relationship that Anna Kendrick noticed was one of trust.

According to Anna Kendrick, "I was in a circumstance where I loved and trusted this person more than myself."

'Psychological abuse' from a recent relationship informed Anna Kendrick's performance as Alice, Darling.