At fifteen people are believed to be dead due to the devastating flooding that struck Kentucky Governor. Andy Beshear told CNN Friday.

This number is likely to increase by a factor of two, he added and includes children.

This is so fatal and it struck so hard. It struck right in the late at night.

"we've never seen something like this."

Beshear warned on Thursday that the devastation isn't finished because more rain is predicted for Friday.

Eastern Kentucky has a slight to moderate chance of flash flooding into Friday night. This is in addition to 1-to-3 inches

A man who was in his 76, while the female was late 60s or 70s, deputy coroner Joe Crockett said.

It's not known if the two deaths are part of the toll of the entire state that Beshear has announced.

FEMA will also send rescuers as well as an incident management assistance team to assist in the state's efforts to rescue,

Aid is complicated by widespread flooding and power outages

Scientists are more convinced of the role the climate crisis is playing in extreme weather.

and have been warned that these events will increase in intensity and become more risky with each little bit of warming.