Ana Navarro Didn't Move to New York 

season 26's permanent co-host was announced as Ana Navarro. She won't, however, be moving to New York City any time soon just because she'll have a more defined role on the show.

"Everyone I know from New York has relocated to Miami. Do you really believe I'm the only Miamian moving to New York?" 50-year-old Ana Navarro laughed.

"I won't be relocating to New York City, sorry. I adore my life in Miami, where my spouse and I currently reside. There are really too many things going on for me to quit up."

Although an aeroplane is involved in her case, Ana Navarro claims she'll "do what so many other professionals do" and commute to work.

"I'll fly back and forth twice a week, just like I did for the majority of last season,"

In an interview that was, by chance, conducted while Ana Navarro was leaving for the airport following a performance, she says.

Four flights a week are necessary, but it's worth it to be able to manage my personal and professional lives.

Since July 2013, Ana Navarro has contributed regularly to the Emmy-winning ABC daytime talk show The View.