One of the most outstanding auditionees for this season's last batch of auditions was Penny Starr Sr., an octogenarian exotic dancing artist.

Despite the cheeky promise she made to Simon Cowell, she did not make it into the  america's got talents top 55.

Penny, who is 88 years old and proudly calls herself "America's oldest burlesque performer," is a national treasure.

The silver fox, accompanied by red, white and blue boa feathers, slid onto Tuesday's america's got talents stage.

"I want America to have a show. A get-up-and go show!"

The grand dame, a bumping-and-grinding great dame, then began to shed the feathers along with some other lacy clothes.

The judges were thrilled to hear the energetic tune "You're a Grand Old Flag".

Simon asked, "Would more clothes fall if you went forward?"

Penny enthusiastically answered, shaking her tailfeathers.

"I want more!" judge Howie Mandel said, and Penny was surprised to get four yeses.