Justin Herbert

Since Tyrod Taylor’s accident, are the Chargers being extra cautious with Justin Herbert?

Justin Herbert is attempting to play through a rib injury on Sunday and may need a pain shot to do so.

Fans of the Los Angeles Chargers probably shudder in unison at the notion of that, but it appears that the team is taking all required safety measures.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that if Herbert elects to receive a pain injection, the Chargers’ medical staff will help with the procedure using an ultrasound imaging monitor. Additionally, a waiver informing Herbert of the dangers of the injection would need to be signed.

It’s reasonable to say fantasy managers anticipated Herbert to start up until the Chargers’ bye week in Week 8. Herbert was QB4 in our live draught trends. Fantasy managers must take Herbert’s backup into account as well as alternative streaming choices if Herbert is unavailable. Over the course of his career, Daniel has started five games and has averaged 220.6 passing yards and 14 fantasy points per game. On Sunday, it is feasible to anticipate this statistical output from him.

Doctors have advised Herbert to take the “long perspective,” Mortensen adds. This particular ailment, which has been described as cracked rib cartilage, would not be helped by wearing a rib protector.

Although most of what Mortensen said is common practice, what occurred to Tyrod Taylor back in 2020 makes it significant. David S. Gazzaniga, the club physician for the Chargers, gave Taylor a pain shot so that he could play through a rib injury in Week 2. Taylor was unable to play after the injection because he had a ruptured lung. Taylor began in Herbert’s place as a rookie, and he never looked back.

Expect the offence to rely heavily on Austin Ekeler and the ground game if Herbert is absent. Ekeler has only averaged 14.8 fantasy points while averaging 20.5 touches per game. After leading the NFL with 20 touchdowns last season, he has yet to score this year. This is mostly due to the Chargers’ rushing attack’s early-season struggles to establish a rhythm, which included using Sony Michel and Joshua Kelley as part of a trio of rushers in the backfield. Through the first two weeks of the season, Los Angeles has only averaged 76 rushing yards and 2.8 yards per run.

Since Tyrod Taylor's accident, are the Chargers being extra cautious with Justin Herbert?

Los Angeles’ offensive line is also injured. Trey Pipkins III at right tackle and starting centre Corey Linsley at the centre are both listed as questionable due to injuries to their feet. Davon Hamilton, a defensive tackle for the Jaguars, should be able to stop the run and be a troublesome pass rusher, making the Chargers’ offence unbalanced. Ekeler would be more of an RB2 for me on Sunday.

The team physician for the Chargers is still Gazzaniga. Taylor is presently suing him in relation to the 2020 incident.

Daniel would undoubtedly hurt the Chargers’ passing offence if he were on the field. With a hamstring injury, Keenan Allen is uncertain, but if he plays, either QB should target him frequently. Given that the majority of Allen’s fantasy performance comes from a high volume of receptions, he projects as a low-end WR2 versus the Jaguars.

Williams has a limited ceiling with Daniel at the helm but is still on the flex radar despite Allen’s situation. The game’s total is only 42.5 points, therefore I don’t expect to see many touchdowns scored. Josh Palmer and Gerald Everett should not be started in fantasy lineups, either.

For Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Herbert will be decided at the last minute. If he chooses to rest rather than play through the injury, he might miss many weeks of action.

Soundgarden, Tool, Motley Crue, and other musicians Second Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show Addition Foo Fighters.

Soundgarden, Tool, Motley Crue, and other musicians Second Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show Addition Foo Fighters.

The first of two tribute concerts for late drummer Taylor Hawkins was absolutely incredible, and it took place earlier this month (on September 3), featuring the Foo Fighters and a host of other musicians.

Naturally, eager fans have been asking for additional information about the performers for the second performance; fortunately, the group has recently provided a few more tantalizing names.

On September 27, in Los Angeles’ Kia Forum, Foo Fighters will perform. Yesterday, they announced what appears to be the entire lineup on Twitter. The group announced that Tool’s Danny Carey, Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil, The Pretty Reckless Taylor Momsen, and Def Leppard’s Phil Collen and Joe Elliot have joined the celebration in addition to returning favorites like Josh Homme, Kesha, Stewart Copeland, Travis Barker, Chris Chaney, Violet Grohl, Justin Hawkins, Geddy Lee, and Alex Lifeson.

The complete list of bands currently consists of (in alphabetical order): Sebastian Bach, Travis Barker, Tommy Brenneck, Geezer Butler, Matt Cameron, Danny Carey, Chris Chaney, Chevy Metal, Phil Collen, Stewart Copeland, Miley Cyrus, Jon “Juano” Davison, Elliot Easton, Joe Elliot, Josh Freese, Violet Grohl, Omar Hakim, Justin Hawkins, Shane Hawkins, Josh Homme,

Soundgarden, Tool, Motley Crue, and other musicians Second Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show Addition Foo Fighters.

The newly announced performers will join the previously revealed lineup, which includes Travis Barker, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, Alanis Morissette, Miley Cyrus, Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine, Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queens of the Stone Age, Krist Novoselic of Nirvana

Keep in mind that doors will open two hours before to the show’s scheduled start time of 7:00 PM PT / 10:00 PM ET. Like the event on September 3 at Wembley Stadium, proceeds from merchandise and ticket sales will go to Music Support and MusiCares (both charities chosen by the Hawkins family).

Finally, you can purchase tickets here!


Mikuru Asakura is defeated by Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition battle in Japan.

Even though they won’t appear on his official professional record, Floyd Mayweather is still dominating boxing fights.

On Sunday’s Rizin Fighting Federation event in Saitama, Japan, the great boxer stopped Japanese MMA fighter and YouTuber Mikuru Asakura with a powerful right hand towards the end of the second round. Since his retirement from professional fighting, Mayweather has played in two exhibition matches this year, including one in Japan.

According to reports, Mayweather will earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million for the three-round fight. An old rival of Mayweather’s, Manny Pacquiao, was present.

Afterward, Mayweather remarked, “I would like to thank the whole country of Japan. “Unbelievable people and an unbelievable nation. a remarkable and energetic gathering. Let’s give this fantastic competitor right here a round of applause.”

Asakura had some success in the second round after an unremarkable first round in which he connected on a few heads blows to Mayweather’s head with lefts and rights from a southpaw posture.

But Mayweather, one of the all-time great boxers and the highest-earning athlete in combat sports, answered back with some powerful blows of his own. Prior to the finish, he landed hard to the body and then positioned Asakura for the decisive right at the start of the second round.

Asakura took a while to stand up, and after the second round, referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight before either boxer reached his corner.

Mayweather thanked the crowd for having him. I promise to return.

In his postfight remarks, Mayweather, 45, recognized Pacquiao’s presence and bizarrely referred to him as a “future” world champion. Prior to and after the show, Pacquiao, 43, spoke to the crowd.

Asakura, 30, allegedly traveled to the Philippines before the fight to seek Pacquiao’s counsel on how to compete against Mayweather. In addition, Pacquiao said that he was there to encourage Asian combat sports. Afterward, Pacquiao expressed his desire to be called back twice, leading the analysts to believe that Rizin, Mayweather, and Pacquiao may be planning something.

Pacquiao remarked, “I hope this is not my final invitation to watch a good fight, a nice display.

A weird incident occurred before the fight when a man who was supposed to offer Mayweather flowers, as is customary in Japan for combat sports, instead threw the bouquet down on the mat.

Mikuru Asakura is defeated by Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition battle in Japan.
Credit by ESPN

Mayweather entered the ring donning a jersey bearing the number 50, which represented his 50-0 professional record.

Tenshin Nasukawa, a Japanese kickboxing prodigy, was defeated by Mayweather in December 2019 after three knockdowns. Nasukawa weighs about 120 pounds when competing. Despite there being no official contracted weight, Asakura was significantly heavier on Saturday than Mayweather.

Mayweather’s bodyguard Ray “Jizzy Mack” Sadeghi was knocked out in a boxing contest by 135-pound kickboxer Kouzi in a match that was part of the undercard to the Mayweather vs. Asakura main event. Sadeghi outweighed Kouzi in the ring despite there being no weigh-in.

Mayweather fought Don Moore in an exhibition showdown in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in May. Although no opponent has been announced, Mayweather has claimed he will compete in another exhibition fight in the Middle East before the year is up.

Louise Fletcher

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Oscar winner Louise Fletcher passes away at age 88

According to a representative, Louise Fletcher passed away on Friday at her home in France.

She was most known for her iconic portrayal of Nurse Ratched in Milos Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” for which she won the Oscar for best actress. She was 88.

The iconic movie, which was adapted from a novel by Ken Kesey and focused on the patients and personnel of a mental hospital, won five Oscars in 1976, including best picture and best actor for Jack Nicholson.

For the first time in more than 40 years, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” won the main awards for best picture, director, actor, actress, and screenplay. It was also a big box office success and received four additional Oscar nominations.

Fletcher’s Nurse Ratched was ranked as the second-greatest villain in movie history, just after the Wicked Witch of the West, in the American Film Institute TV special “AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes & Villains.”

Ironically, the script softened the Ratched character compared to Kesey’s original, and Fletcher gave a more understated performance, frequently expressing the character’s feelings through simple facial expressions, which is why she originally deserved her Oscar. In fact, the actress succeeds in making us feel sad for Ratched at a number of crucial points in the movie.

Roger Ebert stated in a 2003 review of “Cuckoo’s Nest” that despite winning the Oscar, Fletcher’s performance “is not enough recognized. This might be the case given how profoundly despicable Nurse Ratched is, as well as how totally we have all been conditioned to fear attributes in a particular type of female authority figure—a woman who has sublimated sexuality and humanity into duty and morality.

However, one could argue that the actress’s portrayal of Nurse Ratched and the Oscar she received for it ultimately did Fletcher more harm than good: “Fletcher should talk to her agent about these clichéd ‘evil’ roles, in which she has gotten increasingly monotonous,” a frustrated and uncaring Washington Post writer wrote in a review of the 1987 horror movie “Flowers in the Attic,” in which the actress featured.

But it’s possible that Fletcher begged her agency in vain for a wider range of assignments.

A Perfect Man,” a 2013 film starring Liev Schreiber and Jeanne Tripplehorn, was her most recent film role.

On television, Fletcher had portrayed family matriarch Peggy “Grammy” Gallagher on Showtime’s “Shameless,” a crafty ex-con who nevertheless desired a relationship with her grandkids. The actress appeared in reruns of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” from 1993 to 1999 as the cunning, deceitful spiritual leader Winn Adami, “VR.5” from 1995 to 1997, and “ER” in 2005.

For her guest appearances on “Picket Fences” in 1996 and “Joan of Arcadia” in 2004, she received Emmy nominations.

After spending more than a decade raising a family, Fletcher returned to acting in 1974 and had a supporting performance in Robert Altman’s “Thieves Like Us” that Pauline Kael praised as “impressively forceful.” However, the actress had little notoriety in Hollywood when she was cast as Ratched.

Because they were concerned about the potential impact on their careers, Angela Lansbury, Anne Bancroft, Ellen Burstyn, Colleen Dewhurst, and Geraldine Page all declined the role of Ratched.

Fletcher was accidentally spotted by director Milos Forman in “Thieves Like Us.”

Forman subsequently remarked in his memoir, “She was all wrong for the [Ratched] character, yet there was something about her. When I asked her to read with me, I unexpectedly found a toughness and willpower hidden beneath the velvety appearance that looked perfect for the part.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Oscar winner Louise Fletcher passes away at age 88
credit by Pinterest

Fortunately, there were some chances to avoid being stereotyped.

She performed admirably in Peter Falk’s noir spoof from 1978, “The Cheap Detective.”

She co-starred with Hal Holbrook in the 1979 drama “Natural Enemies,” portraying a husband who kills his family. Fletcher is “very good playing the polar opposite of her Nurse Ratched role,” according to critic Richard Winters. Instead of being strict and authoritarian, she is here more frail and weak. She even appears as a prisoner inside a mental hospital. She is a fantastic actress, as evidenced by the fact that she can convincingly portray so many distinct roles.

She portrayed a jovial, kind-hearted Long Island aristocrat in the 1999 film “Cruel Intentions.”

Exorcist II: The Heretic, starring Richard Burton and Linda Blair; Brainstorm, a science fiction movie starring Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood; Firestarter, starring a young Drew Barrymore; and “2 Days in the Valley” are some of the other movies which they have contributed.

Birmingham, Alabama, is the city where Estelle Louise Fletcher was born. Her parents were hard of hearing; the aunt who had helped her learn to talk at the age of 8 introduced her to acting. After traveling cross-country, Fletcher, a University of North Carolina student, was stuck in Los Angeles where she stumbled into acting.

In 1958, the young actress debuted on television when she made appearances on “Playhouse 90,” among other programs. She appeared as a guest on “Maverick,” “77 Sunset Strip,” and “The Untouchables” the following year. She made two appearances on “Perry Mason” in 1960, but by 1963, after making her feature film debut in “A Gathering of Eagles,” she had given up on acting, at least temporarily.

After caring for her children, she returned to her career in 1973 by making a cameo appearance on “Medical Center.” She was cast in a supporting role in “Thieves Like Us,” a film her husband, Jerry Bick, was producing, after acting in a TV movie.

Fletcher was scheduled to play the role when Bick and Altman fell out, and his personal story served as inspiration for one of the key characters in Robert Altman’s iconic 1975 movie “Nashville.”

From 1959 through 1978, Fletcher was wed to Bick, a Hollywood literary agent who subsequently became a producer. 2004 saw his passing. Her sons John Dashiell Bick and Andrew Wilson Bick are the only ones left behind.

Hilary Mantel

Tudor saga author Hilary Mantel passes away at the age of 70.

In the celebrated “Wolf Hall” trilogy of historical books, Hilary Mantel, the Booker Prize-winning author who transformed Tudor power politics into gripping fiction, has passed away, according to her publisher. She was 70.

In the presence of her closest family and friends on Thursday, Mantel passed away “suddenly yet calmly,” according to HarperCollins, her publisher.

With Wolf Hall and its two sequels, Mantel is credited with revitalizing historical fiction. Thomas Cromwell was King Henry VIII’s right-hand man in the 16th century and an English powerbroker.

Mantel is “one of the greatest English authors of this century,” according to the publisher.

“Her well-known compositions are regarded as contemporary masterpieces. Her absence will be felt deeply “In a statement, it was noted.

Wolf Hall, published in 2009, and its follow-up, Bring Up the Bodies, published in 2012, both earned Mantel the coveted Booker Prize twice. For both the stage and television, adaptations were made.

The Mirror and the Light, the third and final book in the trilogy, was released in 2020.

Her death was “devastating,” according to Mantel’s longtime editor Nicholas Pearson.

Only a month prior, he sat with her in Devon on a lovely afternoon while she talked animatedly about the new novel she was working on. “It is intolerable that we won’t get to enjoy her words any longer. We do, however, possess a body of work that will be studied for ages.”

Mantel was the critically acclaimed but modestly successful author of books before Wolf Hall, including A Place of Greater Safety, which dealt with the French Revolution, and The Life of a Psychic Medium (Beyond Black).

Giving Up the Ghost, a memoir she also penned, detailed her years of illness, including untreated endometriosis that rendered her infertile.

She once claimed that although her years of illness destroyed her dream of becoming a lawyer, they helped her become a writer.

Bill Hamilton, Mantel’s literary agent, claimed that the author had faced “stoically” ongoing medical issues.

We will miss her greatly, but she leaves behind an exceptional legacy as a blazing light for authors and readers, he added.

Tudor saga author Hilary Mantel passes away at the age of 70.
credit by Pinterest

Mantel, who was born in Derbyshire in central England in 1952, first attended a convent school before pursuing academic studies at Sheffield University and the London School of Economics. Her first two books, Every Day Is Mother’s Day (1985) and Vacant Possession (1986), draw on her experience as a social worker at a hospital for elderly patients.

She and her geologist husband Gerald McEwen resided in Saudi Arabia and Botswana in the 1970s and 1980s.

Mantel had almost 25 years of experience as a published novelist before her debut book about Cromwell catapulted her to literary fame. She transformed the mysterious Tudor political fixer into a complicated, intriguing literary hero who was alternately wise and violent.

Cromwell, a self-made man who rose from obscurity to power, was an architect of the Reformation who assisted King Henry VIII in realizing his desire to wed Anne Boleyn and divorce Catherine of Aragon, and later to get rid of Boleyn so he could wed Jane Seymour, the third of Henry’s six wives. Cromwell was a self-made man who rose from obscurity to power.

Henry rejected the pope’s authority and installed himself as head of the Church of England as a result of the Vatican’s rejection to declare his first marriage null and void.

It was during this dramatic period that England underwent its transformation from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant nation, from a medieval kingdom to an emerging modern state. A Man for All Seasons and The Tudors are just two of the books, movies, and television shows that were inspired by this period.

But Mantel was able to add excitement and suspense to the well-known tale.

She told The Associated Press in 2009, “I’m really focused on the idea that a historical fiction should be written pointing ahead.” “Keep in mind that the people you are following were unaware of how their own stories would conclude. They were therefore making progress day by day, being pushed and pulled around by their environment, doing the best they could, but ultimately wandering in the dark.”

Mantel also cast a critical eye on contemporary British royalty. The British tabloid press was outraged by her 2013 speech in which she compared the former Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, to a “shop-window mannequin, with no personality of her own.”

Mantel claimed that she wasn’t speaking about the duchess directly, but rather was addressing how the media and the general public had portrayed Kate. Nevertheless, David Cameron, who was prime minister at the time, and others criticised the author.

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, a short novella that envisioned an assault on the Conservative leader, was similarly criticized by right-wing observers. In 2014, the year Queen Elizabeth II appointed Mantel a dame—the female equivalent of a knight—it was released.

Mantel remained an outspoken political figure. She opposed Brexit and stated in 2021 that she wanted to become “a European again” by obtaining Irish citizenship.

Mantel’s husband is still alive.


Stacey Abrams matched Atlanta’s energy three times.

Georgia’s governor candidate Stacey Abrams demonstrates her dedication to getting to know every voter wherever they are by quoting “GOONICA” and Gucci Mane.

Disingenuity is the root of the Black community’s mistrust of politicians. Too frequently, when getting our vote, the only time the community sees politicians is when they are out campaigning. And that caving in might come out as condescending, like when Hilary Clinton told the Breakfast Club in 2016 that she carried hot sauce in her bag—clearly making a reference to Beyonce’s smash track “Formation.” Or perhaps he didn’t vote for Joe Biden because he also informed Charlamagne Tha God of the Breakfast Club that he “ain’t Black.”

The community has just recently encountered candidates who not only look like us but also authentically represent us. The most recent addition to the list is Stacey Abrams.

Despite losing the 2020 race for governor of Georgia, Abrams has continued to push back against the practice. She has demonstrated that no Georgia vote can be ignored since the defeat. She has shown up in some unexpected places and connected to Atlantans in a manner that previous governors were unable to. These three instances show how Stacey Abrams matched Atlanta’s vigour.

Stacey Abrams, 01 questioned Ciara and Monica about “Goonies”

On Instagram Live, Abrams spoke with R&B singer Monica and Crunk&B Princess Ciara about the approaching election and her intentions for Georgia’s women. Abrams shifted gears during the chat and genuinely inquired about what the Aunties were interested in.

The former Georgia State Representative questioned, “What is this ‘Goonica’ I hear about? Monica’s eyes widened as she timidly slipped out of the shot. I conduct my research, Abrams continued. I come to you in your place. Before she explained the meaning of the name provided by Black Twitter, the singer asked her 17-year-old son Rodney to do so.

Additionally, Monica advised Abrams to phone her if she encounters any issues during this election. Abrams said in jest, “I’m receiving prayer and Goonies. This Instagram Live has been incredibly helpful.

Jeezy and Gucci Mane were greeted by Stacey Abrams in Verzuz. During Magic City

credit by Essence

Nobody would have predicted that Abrams would serve as the emcee to introduce the highly anticipated VERZUZ duel between the two heavyweights of the trap scene, Gucci Mane and Jeezy. The feud began with an infamous rap beef from 2005 that ended fatally. But the renowned Atlanta strip club Magic City has a screen where the 2020 governor hopeful made a video appearance. She continued by expressing gratitude to them both for their efforts in educating former prisoners or returning citizens about their right to vote.

She talked of finding atonement and revealed that her brother had also spent some time in prison. Abrams provides voters with a level of sincere comprehension and relatability that is unrivaled. She temporarily reduced animosity between the Atlanta hip-hop icons while urging viewers in Georgia to register to vote and be ready for the election (which would eventually cause Georgia to turn blue).

Abrams, Stacey The 85 South Comedy Show was discussed.

At The 85 South Comedy Show, Stacey Abrams kicked it with the host’s Chico Bean, DC Young Fly, and Karlous Miller as she pulled up to the trap. The podcast’s set, which resembles your grandmother’s furnished basement and serves as a hangout for her troublesome grandson who is in and out of prison, was emptied out for Abrams. Normally, it is filled with billows of marijuana smoke.

The one-hour conversation was full of knowledge and laughter. From Georgia’s need for tougher gun control to universal Medicaid expansion—which excludes increased taxes—Abrams broke everything down into three! Chico, DC, and Karlous served as examples of questions-seeking residents who typically couldn’t reach their elected representatives. Abrams delivered just that. What’s up with the dude? Karlous remarked as Abrams described Kemp’s inaction in regard to Covid relief. He must be up to something. You can’t say it, but I can. I can agree though, Abrams said without missing a beat.

Ray Allen

Ray Allen, a former Miami Heat player, confronts a practical joker.

When someone attempted to capture Allen on camera in a store, Allen’s perspective changed.

Ray Allen, a former guard for the Miami Heat, is regarded as one of the NBA’s friendliest players.

He frequently enjoys interacting with fans and the media, but lately, he got a different response from a passerby at a department shop. Allen acted because he believed he was the target of a joke when he realized he was being watched and recorded.

Allen is heard stating, “My man,” as seen on tape. “I’m sure you can hear me. You’re following me around and trying to make a fool of yourself over here. Maintain momentum.

When dealing with interactions in the public, Ray Allen has typically been friendly. He participated in a debate on the greatest player in league history with some young fans in June. Allen freely offered his thoughts despite being aware that he was being recorded.

I suppose the subject of conversation is how Allen gauges how comfortable he feels with being videotaped.

In 2012–2014, Hall of Famer Ray was a Heat player. Because of his shot against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, he will live on in Heat history forever.

He participated in a discussion about Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James as the G.O.A.T. earlier in July of this year and offered his opinion on the subject. He weighed in and offered an explanation for why the Los Angeles Lakers player wasn’t yet guaranteed the position.

One of the NBA’s most honored players, Ray also held the record for the most three-pointers made in a career. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors eventually surpassed him in 2021 with 2,974 three-pointers. The 47-year-career old’s began with the Milwaukee Bucks, and he then played for the Boston Celtics and Seattle Supersonics.

He eventually agreed to a two-year contract with Miami, playing 12 games for them in the NBA Finals, averaging 10.3 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 1.7 assists. Ray was elected into the Sports Hall of Fame in 2018 as a result of his enormous contributions and accomplishments in the field.


Brissett leads the Browns’ comeback victory over the Steelers, 29-17.

The Browns avoided a second collapse in four days despite still being emotionally scarred from an unbelievable one.

On Thursday night, Cleveland overcame an epic meltdown to defeat the nemesis Pittsburgh Steelers 29-17 thanks to two touchdown throws from Jacoby Brissett and a score from Nick Chubb on the ground.

We had the appropriate men in that room to be able to overcome it, and I believe we responded to that call, according to Brissett. We were aware that it wouldn’t be simple. The bell was answered by the lads.

Chubb’s one-yard run gave the Browns (2-1) a nine-point lead early in the fourth, and they clung to that advantage for dear life.

With 1:48 remaining, Chris Boswell’s 34-yard field goal brought the Steelers (1-2) within 23-17, and Pittsburgh next tried an onside kick. The New York Jets overcome a 13-point deficit in the final 1:55 of their 31-30 loss on Sunday, but the Browns swatted the ball out of bounds instead.

For a little moment, it appeared to be Sunday once more.

As the ball bounced around close to Pittsburgh’s sideline, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski was questioned about his thoughts. He held his response for six seconds.

He said, “A much.”

When cornerback Denzel Ward stumbled on a Steelers fumble in the end zone on the final play, resulting in a pointless touchdown, Cleveland supporters could finally breathe.

Brissett went 21 of 31 for 220 yards and scored touchdowns by connecting with Amari Cooper and David Njoku. The 29-year-old, who is filling in for Deshaun Watson as he serves an 11-game suspension, produced his second straight strong performance.

With 9:29 remaining, Chubb, who had 113 yards, pushed and twisted past the goal line on fourth-and-goal to give the Browns a 23-14 lead.

In the first half, Mitch Trubisky and the Steelers’ sluggish offence showed signs of life, but they stalled out after the break, punting on their first three drives while only gaining 54 yards.

Trubisky was criticised for not throwing far enough the first two weeks; he attempted a few long throws but didn’t connect on many of them.

Mike Tomlin, the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, said, “I think Mitch made some plays, but we all fell short.” He said that he had no intentions to move to rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett. “Our focus is on success. I didn’t want to win the game in order to impress anyone.

Although great end T.J. Watt isn’t on the Pittsburgh defence, tackle Cameron Heyward claimed that wasn’t the problem.

Heyward warned, “Nick Chubb will make you pay when you try to arm tackle him. “We must work much harder.

The victory made up for a trying few days for Cleveland.

After the disaster on Sunday, Myles Garrett criticised the crowd for jeering the Browns as they left the field, and a supporter was detained on suspicion of throwing a plastic bottle at owner Jimmy Haslam while he was on the sidelines.

The only drama this time was their victory against their despised Pennsylvanian neighbours.

Stefanski observed, “That’s not an easy thing to recover from.” “We discussed it on Sunday. We discussed it on Monday. You can’t let a loss linger, and we won’t let this win linger either, which is something I’m proud of about those men. However, I’m pleased with their response. You must have tenacity.

Garrett was certain the Browns will be able to move past their defeat on Sunday despite the short amount of time they have to heal.

Knowing this team and the players on it, “I didn’t have a question in my mind,” he added. “I know everyone was eager to get back on that field and play a whole football game to get that taste out of our mouths, and that’s what we did.

Everyone did their part, and all the teams worked well together to produce a truly exceptional victory.

In the third quarter, when Cleveland lost four players to injuries, including starting linebackers Anthony Walker Jr. and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, the Browns had a 16-14 lead thanks to rookie Cade York’s 34-yard field goal.

Brissett leads the Browns' comeback victory over the Steelers, 29-17.
credit yahoo sports

With 8:58 remaining before halftime, Brissett’s 7-yard touchdown pass to Njoku gave the Browns a 13-7 lead. But York missed an extra point for the second week in a row.

Before rolling right and scoring from the one-yard line, Trubisky guided the Steelers on a 75-yard touchdown drive, with 51 yards coming on the ground. Pittsburgh led 14-13 after Boswell’s PAT.

When the Steelers lost to New England last week, rookie receiver George Pickens voiced disappointment about not receiving the ball, stating he was open “90% of the time.” Moreover, he wasn’t joking.

When Trubisky did manage to connect him with a long pass, Pickens had to make an incredible one-handed catch to gain 36 yards.


Garrett fell short of Clay Matthews’ 62-sack team record by failing to record a sack. The All-Pro defensive end for the Browns was chipped, double-teamed, and only given credit for assisted tackles.

Various guards

Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland, two guards who are All-Stars with the Cavaliers, acted as the Browns’ honorary captains. During the pregame festivities, Mitchell, who was recently acquired in a trade from Utah, broke a toy guitar.


CB, Steelers In the third quarter, Ahkello Witherspoon (right hamstring) hobbled off the field and never returned.

Browns: Walker’s immobile left leg was carried away. Walker, according to Stefanski, has a sprained knee and will have more testing done. Walker appeared to be injured as he clumsily bowed his back to avoid being blocked. Owusu-Koramoah (groyne) left without coming back. LT Jedrick Wills Jr. (knee) momentarily left the game but came back. In the third, Taven Bryan (hamstring) also had an injury. During warm-ups, Ronnie Harrison had a hamstring injury and was unable to play.


On Oct. 2, the Steelers will host the New York Jets.

Atlanta hosts the Browns on October 2.


Aston Merrygold and Sarah Louise Richards announce their engagement.

After a five-year engagement, the 34-year-old pop artist has finally announced on Instagram that he is married.

Aston, who shares Grayson, 4, and Macaulay, 2, with Sarah, wrote: “Husband and Wife love and cloud-nine emojis” alongside a photo of her hand resting on top of his.

After meeting while working as a backup dancers for JLS, Sarah and Aston fell in love and became engaged on Christmas Day of that year. The COVID-19 epidemic interfered with Aston and Sarah’s original intentions to get married much sooner.

And after sharing the happy news of their marriage, Aston received a deluge of congratulations from some of his fellow entertainment friends.

Aston’s JLS bandmate JB Gill posted the following on Instagram: “(love emojis) Beaaaaaaautiful! I adore this information, and I’m HERE for the floating! (heart emojis) Greetings and welcome to Team Merrygold Heart-shaped emoticons”

Aston’s JLS bandmate Marvin Humes, who is married to Rochelle Humes, a former Saturdays actress, also praised the news elsewhere.

Aston Merrygold and Sarah Louise Richards announce their engagement.
credit yahoo news new zeland

Dream squad (stars emojis), (sic) replied Rochelle, 33, in response.

Congratulations to the newlyweds were also extended by former Girls Aloud member Kimberley Walsh.

The 40-year-old celebrity congratulated them with the emojis “stars and hearts” (sp).

Aston previously disclosed that Sarah. had assumed control of their wedding preparations.

The ‘Love You More’ singer said that they were prepared to wait for the pandemic to pass before getting married because they wanted to do it “right.”

Aston characterized their wedding intentions as follows: “I would have said, “Let’s do it, registry office, go somewhere, get it done,” if I had my way. No, we’re holding out, she said. This is being done correctly.”

Adam Levine

Adam Levine’s purportedly illicit DMs with a model go viral

The latest internet meme centers on Adam Levine’s purported Instagram direct messages to a model, with many users criticizing and making fun of the Maroon 5 singer for being “cringe.”

In a TikTok video, Sumner Stroh claimed she had an affair with the lead singer of Maroon 5. He said he “broke a line,” but he denied having an affair.

According to the meme, encyclopedia Know Your Meme, the “Adam Levine Cheating Scandal” meme first gained popularity earlier this week when Instagram model Sumner Stroh claimed on TikTok that she had an affair with him for a year.

Levine allegedly asked her whether he could name his child after her after their communication came to a stop, according to Stroh. Levine, who has been married to the model Behati Prinsloo since 2014, is apparently expecting his third kid.

Stroh released screenshots of the purported interaction after declining a request for comment. In just two days, her TikTok had received 1.5 million likes.

Tuesday, Levine responded to the accusations in an Instagram story. He stated he “broke a boundary during a regretful era in my life,” but he denied having an affair.

A request for more information on Thursday was not immediately answered by a Levine representative.

According to screenshots Stroh posted, one of the said messages said, “It is honestly ridiculous how f——— sexy you are.” The internet has continued to focus on these purported exchanges.

Many people found it difficult to ignore Levine’s apparent flirtatious behavior.

One user remarked, “the tremendously awful flirting is the most uncomfortable thing about adam Levine cheating, even more than the infidelity.

“Like man, you were named sexiest man alive at one time and you have zero games?” the person said.

Following the success of Stroh’s TikTok, a numb

One Twitter user shared the purported screenshot that has been circulating online, writing, “me at the hippie grocery shop trying to see if they have those cheddar snacks I enjoy.”

We should take away from the Adam Levine affair the phrase “I may need to see the booty,” which is actually a gift that needs to be added to our vernacular, said another Twitter user.

Adam Levine's purportedly illicit DMs with a model go viral

Others, meanwhile, cracked jokes about the purported message that said “really unreal how f——-g hot you are.”

One user wrote, “Me vs the hot pocket I just made.”

er of additional women came out to say that Levine had DM’d them.

The other accusations against Levine have not been addressed publicly, and the musician’s representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to Know Your Meme, a screenshot purportedly showing Levine stating “I may need to see the booty” in a message to a woman has made the rounds online.

Know Your Meme noted a number of responses in particular that received the most attention online, including a tweet from a user who shared a photo of Captain Barbossa from “Pirates of the Caribbean” with the caption “I may need to view the booty.”